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Winning Souls to Christ in The World of Warcraft

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Egy jó kis cikk a stabilitás fogalmáról (for geeks only).

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Kapjátok be!

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Cocaine @ Channel Four

Three dramatic and intimate films about cocaine, taking viewers on a chilling journey from the coca fields and cocaine producers of the Peruvian Andes, via drugs gangs in the favelas of Rio, to the man who stands behind over half of Colombia’s drug trade.

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A átköltözött a brutal-ra. Ma volt az első élő adás. Eddig minden OK :)

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Sir Mark Thatcher nem tagad tovább

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Turbózd fel a Firefoxod!

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I got your email address from the internet and please do not feel bad about this message more especially as i am from Iraq.
My names are Hashimi Tariq,a widow of Al-Hakim Tariq ,former senior manager of the Iraqi State Oil Organisation in charge of the United Nations Oil-For-Food Programme.

My Husband and our three children was killed in the U.S. led military campaign during this crises period. All we ever worked and lived for was destroyed. I am left alone now with my 8 years old little girl.

Before the invasion, he disclosed to me that he had funds totalling Twenty Seven Million United States Dollars securely lodged in a security company in Europe. I have with me the Deposit Certificate which states that the consignments contains PRICESLESS FAMILY VALUABLES, and that an agreement was reached between them for a possible change of beneficiary’s status. He had made this revelation to me when the American led forces intensified their air raid on our country before he was killed.

I ask you in the name of Allah the merciful, to help salvage the situation for me and my little girl and help us claim at this fund. I am willing to give you the information you may need to clear the fund. I am also willing to give to you an agreed percentage from the total fund. The rest will be more than enough for me and my daughter. I chose to contact you in strict confidence and out of inspiration, believing that you will not betray me when you clear the consignment.

All I require from you is honesty and transparency.
Presently, I believe am under surveillance by the American Security here and can only reach you via email. However, your nationality does not matter in this business. Please show transparency. I will expect your Urgent response. May Allah be with you.

Hashimi Tariq

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